Myopractic Therapy vs. Chiropractic: What You Should Know

When we talk about pain relief, a lot of people recommend seeing a good chiropractic or a myopractic therapist. Both the practices are centered around treating pain that patients experience in their bodies. However, the approach they take is radically different. Most people don’t know these differences, particularly if they are going for their first session. In this article, we will explain how each practice works, and compare the two practices individually to highlight both the differences and similarities.

Let’s begin with a discussion of how myopractic therapy works.

A lot of people have shortened the term to call it “myo-therapy,” but it is actually called myopractic therapy.

A myopractic therapist offers the type of bodywork therapy that uses a combination of techniques to help the body heal itself. This type of treatment combines the use of manual techniques and visual assessments to improve mobility throughout the body. It relieves painful pressure on the spinal nerves as well as throughout each joint and helps the body return to a normal state of movement. It is particularly useful for those looking to improve athletic performance.

During a myopractic therapy session, the practitioner will use soft tissue manipulation and which includes popping and cracking to mobilize joint and muscular imbalances and help patients relieve pain. It is similar to chiropractic care, but it is generally more gentle and more focused on mobility with the understanding that when the body is moving optimally, pain and dysfunction reduce as well. Generally you don’t need to do both, so test both chiropractic care and myopractic therapy out to see which best helps reduce your pain to help you recover faster.

A typical myopractic therapy session will last for 15 to 30 minutes. The therapist takes a full health history and assesses the condition of the client’s body. The client does not need to undress during the treatment, though it is advised to wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing. Clothing with tight or heavy fabric can interfere with the treatment. The practitioner will also assess the range of motion of the client’s joints.

Myopractic therapy relies on the basic principle that life is motion. Movement occurs in all structures, organs, and cells. Without this movement, the body cannot function properly. This causes a variety of symptoms, including aches and pains.

Now that you have a basic understanding of myopractic therapy, let’s discuss chiropractic.



A chiropractic therapist is another alternative healing treatment that focuses on manipulating the joints in the body to promote healing. According to its theory, the nervous system drives all functions throughout the body, and improved spinal function promotes better organ and nerve function. The person who provides it, also known as a chiropractor, uses force and gentle manipulation to improve spinal alignment and function.

Myopractic therapy is not a branch of chiropractic, the two are separate studies. Myopratic is generally a more gentle techniques than chiropractic. Similar to chiropractic, myopractic therapy does involve “popping and cracking”. Myopractors and chiropractors are both part of the complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) movement.

Despite these similarities, there are some important differences between the two types of healthcare practitioners. Chiropractors use manipulative techniques to treat spinal disorders called subluxations. They believe that spinal misalignments put pressure on the nerves. Myopractic therapists, on the other hand, tend to treat patients throughout the body, while addressing mobility in the spine as well.

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Even though both the types of practices have several points in common, both of them also take a unique approach in how to help you relieve your own chronic pain and unresolved conditions. However, the specific physical condition you have and the symptoms your body has will ultimately determine which approach would be best suited for you.

Myopractic therapy is more focused on the body as a whole while addressing specific parts of your body, and adjoining areas that have mobility and pain problems. A myopractic therapist treats you by reviewing the whole’s body’s activities and movements. On the contrary, a chiropractic therapist will locate a misalignment in your muscle and spine, that has caused your nervous system pressure, leading to pain that persists in your body. A chiropractor, therefore, focuses on making corrective adjustments to your spine to bring it back into alignment, ultimately relieving chronic pain.

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