Jason D. Alston

“I first experienced myopractics as a teenager and was amazed at the difference it made. As a junior in high school, I injured my knee practicing for the school musical. My parents took me to a doctor who put me in a straight leg brace which completely prevented my knee from bending. Since there was no break or tear we then went to a myopractor who was able to restore the natural mobility in my knee. I was amazed when I was able to walk out with no pain!” This experience, among others are the reason Jason chose to become a myopractor.

Jason’s myopractic education began at Natural Therapeutics in Mesa, AZ, where he learned the power that myopractics can have as an option in our healthcare system.

Passionate About Helping Patients Heal

It’s Jason’s goal to provide a welcome experience to each client who walks in the door. “I’m here to create hope and lasting change!” After years in practice, he is motivated by the positive effect he has seen myopractic care provide.

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