At one point or the other, we have all experienced chronic pain in life. Whether it is related to a pregnancy, or just a normal part of a sedentary lifestyle, it ruins your social and work life, interfering with your day to day routine. That leads to disturbed sleep, anxiety, and depression, all of which form a hard-to-break cycle. Get Natural Motion helps you break out of this cycle, with it’s chronic hip pain treatment in Mesa.


Who is it For?

If you are experiencing these symptoms:

  • Swelling on your hips
  • Stiff or weak hip muscles
  • Popping or snapping sensation in hip
  • Stabbing or sharp pain
  • Pain that radiates to your knee
  • Pain in upper thigh or in your groin
  • Pain that you feel when you pivot, squat, or sit
  • The need to limp

You may have developed a bad hip. That’s when you need our professional chronic hip pain treatment in Mesa.

Try Our Chronic Pain Treatment in Mesa


What Clients Say About
Get Natural Motion

Jason is very knowledgeable and was attentive to our needs and health concerns He was able to improve the condition of my neck stiffness and also my husband’s back pain. He seems to understand anatomy and how all of the systems work together to improve overall health and wellness. Thank you Jason!

- Michele Ellsworth

Jason has worked on me for about 3 years. I had a chronic hip pain that I was seeing him for. Within 3 sessions that was fixed. I have walked free and easy for 3 years!! I recently have been experiencing wrist pain. It is interfering in a big way in my feeling of well-being. I just saw Jason this morning, I contacted him last minute and thankfully he got me in. I wanted to cry as I left the office. My wrist feels better!!! I am recommitting to regular adjustment appointments. Jason is knowledgeable, professional, intuitive and gentle. I have referred many of my clients to him through the years with great results. I highly recommend him.

- Susan C. Taylor

I believe this to be one of the most effective body work modalities that I have found. As someone who has a lot of experience both doing and receiving body work I would highly recommend trying this out. Much more effective than just chiropractic, or just massage. Really puts things where they’re supposed to be, increasing overall vitality and mobility and decreasing pain.

- Shannon Stapleton