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Neck & Shoulder Pain


Neck & Shoulder Pain


Are you a stressor? Holding all yours stress in your shoulders. Do you sit a computer all day at work? Regardless of the the original cause of your shoulder and neck pain, you have it and obviously you want it gone.

In order to address the pain, it is important to understand that pain is not the enemy, lack of mobility is the enemy. As a myopractor my focus will be to find and mobilize the restrictions among the joints, muscles and nerves of your neck and shoulder. Also, if your hip is not balanced and moving freely, then it will have a direct affect on what you’re feeling in your neck and shoulders. Which is why I’ll check and treat throughout your whole body, to better address the root of the problem. Once things are able to move freely, then the body is able to do what it was designed to do. Heal itself!

“Jason is the myopractor to go to! Having been to multiple chiropractors/myopractors previously, I’ve experienced good ones and bad ones. I feel that Jason deserves a five star review because he literally fixed my issues either two treatments “my left knee and lower back” and I don’t feel like I’m in pain the entire day like “I’ve had bad experiences before with chiropractors/myopractors before”. These injuries/issues that I’ve dealt with came from doing sports in college and not getting adjusted. He’s been able to answer my questions, gives me homework “proper stretches” to do also. I go every two weeks and I really really recommend him to anyone experiencing joint or muscle pain … Plus it’s extremely affordable in my opinion.”

Chris M.
“My wife has been adjusted multiple times at Natural Motion over the past few years. She has come away very satisfied. I have also had a Myropractic session with with Jason and I was very impressed at the attention to detail during the session. Not just my back felt better after the session but my whole body. I do recommend Jason Alston with Natural Motion, not just because of the consistent and positive results, but also for the great customer focus and calm healing demeanor.”
Jonathan M.

“What a great experience! I had an accident shortly before my appointment and Jason adjusted the session to address specific concerns and issues. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to go back again.”

Kristi K.

“I have been suffering from back and right leg pain for years.  I went to a chiropractor for a year and still had swelling, knots and pain whenever I walked or whenever I would get up from a chair.  I  ran marathons since 2002 and stopped 2011 from the back and leg/hip pain.

I’ve been seeing Jason Alston since December 2014 and my back pain is gone.  I can stand in the kitchen and cook for hours whereas before, I could only stand for 15 minutes before I had to sit on a stool.

I’m walking fast again with no pain on my right leg and hip and starting to jog little by little.  I no longer use my sponge roller on my right leg to get the knots out, or use the inversion table to relieve back pain or backfit machine that I used daily.

I am so glad I found Jason.  I would highly recommend him to anyone with pain of any sort.  His services are a hidden secret  that lets me live again without pain and feel so young again with my energy that I have now.

Thank you Jason Alston!!!”

Susan S.

“Jason is an amazing myopractor. I have loose joints so i have been to my share of Chiropractors in different cities and states. Jason is skilled in his craft. When I ask questions, he can answer them completely. He lets me know what he is doing as he adjusts me. Jason is gentle not to cause further injury but is able to relieve the pain that I have. I highly recommend him to everyone.”

Amelia B.

“My job involves a lot of physical work and strain. I’ve been going to Jason for about a year and he has helped me  resolve a couple of severe muscle tweaks in my neck and shoulder. Each time, I felt significant relief after the first visit, a second visit took care of minor lingering soreness, and a third visit a few weeks later to make sure everything was still in good shape. He showed me several stretches and exercises I can do on my own to keep injuries to a minimum and was great about explaining what he was doing and why.

I also try and go every few months, just to make sure my body is in good working order. Booking appointments online is always very easy. Jason is prompt and very professional. Highly recommend!”

Lori S.

“Jason was fantastic. I’m a tall guy 6’3″ and I work a desk job, Sitting, generally hunched over, all day. I went to Jason because my wife was having a pain in her back and offered to give me an overall adjustment.  I didn’t realize the discomfort in my back until after Jason made it go away. Fantastic.  I’ll be going here again.”

Randy F.

“I went to Natural Motion when I had some sciatic nerve pain following a new type of exercise session. While I had never had a pain like this before, I knew I needed to have the issue addressed. Movements as simple as getting up from a chair or simply standing still were very uncomfortable and painful. Considerable weakness was experienced with this pain. Some talking with family and friends led me to seeking out a Myopractor to help with the pain.

Jason was able to get me in to his office promptly after the pain started. His office and location is easily found with a basic understanding of Mesa, AZ. He was friendly, compassionate and very quick to assess my situation and apply the proper treatment. After the therapy session, I was able to move easier, and with greater comfort.

Jason provided a great wrap up to the treatment and set expectations for the following week. He demonstrated stretches to help with the pain and made sure I understood what was causing the issue. Had the pain returned I would have been very quick to schedule an appointment with Natural Motion again. He is very knowledgeable, professional and a great myopractor. He fixed my sciatica in one session of therapy. Should I need more assistance with sciatica or other joint/back pain, I will definitely be visiting Natural Motion.”

Tim S.

“I’ve gone to Jason throughout my pregnancy and he really helped relieve all my aches and pains!”

Amelia A.

“Jason is great at what he does!  With my pregnancy aches and pains he is a life saver.  And even before I was pregnant he could always help me feel great.  I definitely recommend going to see him!”

Katie S.

“I’ve visited Jason a few times and he is great! I had a lot of lower back pain and he was able to adjust me appropriately in order to eliminate the pain. I highly recommend him and his practice.”

Deak B.

“I had never had any type of body work done before, so I was a little anxious when going in, but Jason was super warm and friendly and had me at ease. He talked me through what he was doing and what to expect. He was very gentle. The first night after my initial treatment, I slept better than I had in years. It’s amazing how much lighter and loose I feel after a treatment from Jason. I have even had him look at my arm and wrist because a sharp pain would occur when I put pressure on my hand (such as getting up from my chair). In less than two minutes the pain was gone. Jason is great! He’s both professional and interpersonal. I highly recommend him!”

Anna A.

“Jason has been a huge help in helping me get rid of the pains I’ve been having in my hip, neck, and wrist. After the first visit with him, I felt a significant decrease in the pain that I had been toughing out for weeks. He certainly knows what he is doing, and is great at helping you feel comfortable–he keeps a casual conversation going and helps you stay relaxed throughout the entire experience. Jason is genuinely interested in helping his clients get pain free and I’m grateful for that. Highly recommend!”

Danet P.

“Jason does a great job. He is patient and very good at not only treating you, but listening to you. At my last visit I had him treat my 4-year-old daughter; he was wonderful! He joked with her and had her laughing on the treatment table as he did the treatment. I thought she would freeze up and not be okay with it, but she loved it.”

Rebecca B.

“Jason did a wonderful job working on me. I work a blue collar job with a lot of lift involved. I have been suffering from back pain because of this for some time. After my first session with Natural Motion I was feeling much better. My back pain has been significantly reduced. He was also very friendly and enjoyable to chat with as he worked. I would recommend him to any of my friends or family.”

Jonathan W.

“Jason is wonderful. I always feel more relaxed and less physically stressed after our session. He has helped my chronic pain diminish considerably over the last few months.”

Mary H.

“I was pregnant for the second time. Every pregnancy is different and this time my foot hurt. I didn’t know my foot could be adjusted, but Jason did. He made my foot feel better over and over again, until it didn’t bother me any more. I had never heard of Myopractics until Jason, he is awesome.”

Marrie L.

“Jason is very knowledgeable at what he does. Very calm and comfortable in his approach. I can go in for a session with him explaining what I am feeling and experiencing, and he will focus on that issue for resolution and healing. I always come out of my appointment with him feeling rejuvenated and energized. I highly recommend Jason as a competent practitioner, I give him 5 stars!”

Carrie S.

“Jason’s therapy is very healing. On one occasion I had an awful headache and Jason placed his hand, with glove on, into my mouth and pushed on the roof of my mouth and I was relieved. I have suffered with many back problems and each time I visit Jason I am rejuvenated. I highly suggest Jason ‘s therapy.”

Leisel A.

“Jason takes special care & time with each of his patients. His treatment sure helped my knee and back feel better.”

Delia A.
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