Whether it is caused by vaginal childbirth, degenerative joint changes, from sitting on a narrow or hard surface for a long while, or by trauma to your coccyx by a fall, tailbone pain can be very debilitating. Get Natural Motion myopractics treat you in a way that you get tailbone pain relief Mesa immediately.


Who is it For?

If you are experiencing:

  • A dull and achy sensation
  • That sensation gets sharper when you perform certain activities, like getting up from sitting, or from prolonged standing
  • Sex and defecation has become painful
  • For women, menstruation has also become painful
  • Feeling pain while sitting for a short time
  • Immediate pain when you sit

Then you may be suffering from tailbone pain. Get Natural Motion will work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your needs and enables you with tailbone pain relief Mesa.

Our 3-Step Process

To get our effective treatment for tailbone pain in Mesa, all you need to do is follow these steps:

1.     Step 1: Give Us A Call

This is essential because certain details need to be discussed.

2.    Step 2: Wait For Your Appointment to be Confirmed

The confirmation is based on availability of the myopractor, and the time slot chosen.

3.     Step 3: Meet Your Myopractor

You get to see your practitioner on the time confirmed to you earlier. Discuss your concerns with them.

Get Tailbone Pain Relief Mesa Through Myopractic Therapy

Getting tailbone pain relief in Mesa can be challenging, affecting your daily routines and overall well-being. Fortunately, effective treatment options are available to help you restore your natural motion and find tailbone pain relief Mesa. So, if you think you are ready to take control of your tailbone pain and restore your natural motion, don’t delay it any longer. Schedule a consultation with a myopractic specialist in Mesa and start your journey to relief today. To book your appointment, reach us out!


My Tailbone Still Hurts After 6 Months: Why?

The tailbone, or coccyx, is a small, triangular bone at the base of the spine. Pain in this area, known as coccydynia, can arise from various factors, including:

  1. Trauma or injury to the tailbone
  2. Sitting on hard surfaces for extended periods
  3. Degenerative joint changes
  4. Infection or inflammation
  5. Muscle strain or tension

By determining the cause of your tailbone pain, you can create an effective treatment plan that addresses the issue at its core and helps you get tailbone pain relief Mesa.

The Benefits of Get Natural Motion’s Myopractic Therapy

We provide myopractic therapy to treat tailbone pain in Mesa, taking a holistic and integrative approach to tailbone pain relief. This specialized therapy integrates multiple healing techniques to address the root causes of pain and promote overall structural balance. Here is how myopractic therapy helps alleviate tailbone pain:

  • Via Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage focuses on the muscles and connective tissues around the tailbone, helping release tension and alleviate pain. This method also enhances blood circulation in the area, fostering healing and reducing inflammation.

  • Restores Structural Integration and Postural Alignment

Myopractic therapy prioritizes structural integration and postural alignment. By identifying and rectifying imbalances in the body, the therapy can help lessen pressure on the tailbone and alleviate pain.

  • With Stretching and Flexibility Exercises

Customized stretching and flexibility exercises can help extend tight muscles and improve joint mobility. This can relieve strain on the tailbone and contribute to pain reduction.

  • With Personalized Treatment Plans

Get Natural Motion’s myopractic practitioners design personalized treatment plans that address each person’s specific needs and sources of pain. By combining various techniques, this comprehensive approach can help you regain your natural motion and enjoy a pain-free life.

Regain Control of Your Life With Tailbone Pain Relief Mesa Now!

Don’t let pain hinder your life any longer. Schedule a consultation with a myopractic specialist at Get Natural Motion to embark on your journey towards tailbone pain relief Mesa and rediscover your natural motion. Contact us today to get started!


What Clients Say About
Get Natural Motion

I love the full body adjustments! I can tell the difference in my day to day activities and when at the gym. I will definitely be coming back again! Before one of the sessions I was in a lot of pain with my neck and barley had range of motion. Immediately after the adjustment I felt great and could move my neck again pain free! Amazing!


- Brittany Gaffney

After months of neck and back pain, I finally made an appointment at Natural Motion Myopractics. Jason was very attentive and made me feel comfortable right away. I left my first appointment not only feeling immediate relief but also with techniques that I could use at home to continue the healing process. Thank you for your gifts, Jason!

- Emily R.

Jason has worked on me for about 3 years. I had a chronic hip pain that I was seeing him for. Within 3 sessions that was fixed. I have walked free and easy for 3 years!! I recently have been experiencing wrist pain. It is interfering in a big way in my feeling of well-being. I just saw Jason this morning, I contacted him last minute and thankfully he got me in. I wanted to cry as I left the office. My wrist feels better!!! I am recommitting to regular adjustment appointments. Jason is knowledgeable, professional, intuitive and gentle. I have referred many of my clients to him through the years with great results. I highly recommend him.

- Susan C. Taylor