What is Visceral Manipulation?

Have you ever heard the expression “gut feeling” or “he had a visceral reaction” Visceral or Viscera refer to your organs. Your body is full of tension patterns, some good, some bad. The reason you can walk or throw a ball is because there are productive patterns in your body that allow it to happen. Visceral Manipulation is based on the premise that movement is essential for life and ANY restriction will affect your health. Just like your muscles need to move, so do your organs and everything else in the body. Sometimes you can see obvious patterns of tension in a person’s body, but in most cases these patterns of tension are much more subtle. Visceral manipulation begins by gently testing the body to find a dominant restrictive pattern. A large portion of the time that pattern is organ related. Your liver for example which weighs about 3 to 4 pounds is constantly moving in a three dimensional plane, day and night. And if there is a restriction associated with it, it is constantly tugging or pushing on that. If this restriction were the actual issue and I only treat the shoulder, well no wonder the problem keeps coming back.

The specific goal of Visceral Manipulation is to encourage normal tone and movements both within and between the internal organs, their connective tissues, and other structures of the body where normal motion has been impaired. Once accomplished,

Other areas affected by that dominant tension pattern benefit as well. Such as tensions in the fascia, nerves, blood vessels, and even emotional issues. The ultimate goal of Visceral manipulation is to gently assist the body to self correct those dominant tension patterns, leading to improved health and optimal body function. If you’re wondering if Visceral Manipulation would benefit you, go ahead and book an appointment using the link below.

Common Symptoms of Visceral Manipulation

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