“Why Myopractic Care May Be Better Than Surgery!”

This is the special February 2015 edition of my “Myopractic Answers” Newsletter, in which I tackle your health questions! This month, a patient who had injured his back on the job asked if he should try myopractic care first before considering surgery.

Q: “I injured my back on the job. My doctor recommended surgery. Should I try myopractic treatment first?”

A: Back pain is one of the most common complaints of new patients who visit my office. Back pain due to a workplace injury is also extremely common. There are so many ways to injure your back on the job, even if your job is not a particularly dangerous or physical one. A slip and fall or lifting a box of office supplies are often enough to cause a painful back injury.

Many worker’s compensation claims require you to visit a regular physician to diagnose and evaluate your condition, but recent studies have shown that patients with back pain or back injury may be better off consulting a myopractor first.

Why Try Myopractic Care First?

A study conducted in 2000 showed that patients who used soft tissue manipulation for treatment actually had much better outcomes than those that sought initial treatment from a family physician.

“Patients with chronic low-back pain treated with soft tissue manipulation (STM) showed greater improvement and satisfaction at one month than patients treated by family physicians. Satisfaction scores were higher for STM patients. A higher proportion of STM patients (56 percent vs. 13 percent) reported that their low-back pain was better or much better, whereas nearly one-third of medical patients reported their low-back pain was worse or much worse.”

Another study done in 2004 also showed that STM care can help you get back to work faster than traditional medical treatment. Researchers found that 41% of the patients who got traditional medical treatment were back to work after a week, but for those that sought STM care instead, that figure was 82% – double the results for standard medical treatment.

A back injury, if not treated properly, can cause chronic pain and disability that can last a lifetime. It’s important that the pain is properly diagnosed and the best treatment plan possible is put into place.

Do You Need An Treatment?

If it has been some time since you’ve received a myopractic treatment, or if your symptoms have returned recently and you’ve experienced pain or discomfort for more than 48 hours, we recommend coming back in to see us. We can usually get you in immediately by calling (480)721-9433. Thanks for reading and until next month…


Jason Alston

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