“How Myopractic Care Helps Improve Athletic Performance!”

This is the special April 2015 edition of my “Myopractic Answers” Newsletter, in which I tackle your health questions! This month, we received an interesting question if myopractic care can help improve young athletes’ performance.
Q: “My high-schoolers are hoping to get spots on their varsity teams this year. Can myopractic treatment help?”

A: Myopractic treatment can be invaluable to young athletes, not only in the treatment and prevention of sports-related injury, but also in enhancing athletic performance, even at the high school level.

One of the most important research studies done on treatments with athletic performance was conducted in 1991. During the 12-week study, 50 athletes were divided into two groups. One group received treatments and the other did not. Before the treatments began, both groups were tested in 11 areas of fitness, including balance, power, agility, and reaction time.

After six weeks, the control group showed a very small improvement in 8 out of 11 fitness tests, while the group getting treatments showed a marked improvement on all 11 tests. One of these tests measured the reaction time of the athletes’ hands in response to a visual stimulus.

How Myopractic Helps

The control group only showed a 1% improvement, while the treatment group had a remarkable 18% improvement. At the end of the twelve weeks, that improvement had increased to 30%. That test was so important because hand-eye coordination is crucial to most athletics. Think about catching a football, swinging a tennis racquet or swinging a baseball bat.

In other studies, spinal manipulation, especially of the upper body, have been shown to increase lung capacity in athletes, allowing them not only to work harder and run longer, but to give their muscles the oxygen they need for better performance. Another benefit of myopractic treatment is that it can increase and improve blood flow throughout the body, which not only helps muscle function but improves brain function as well.

This is why some professional sports teams have their own myopractors and why so many professional athletes regularly get myopractic care. It’s not just about treating or preventing injury; it’s about enhancing performance. If your kids are serious about improving their athletic ability, you should schedule them for a consultation to see how we can help them reach their goals.

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