“Why You or Your Loved Ones Get Headaches!”

This is the special June 2013 edition of my “Myopractic Answers” Newsletter, in which I tackle your health questions! This month, a patient who was suffering with migraine headaches wanted to know why headaches occur – and what they can do about it!

Q: “My husband gets frequent headaches. Is Myopractic good for treating his headaches or is it only used for muscle pain?”

A: When people think ‘Myopractic’ they think Muscle pain! Yet would it surprise you to know that almost 1/3rd of my practice is treatment migraine or tension type headaches? Do you or a loved one experience headaches? You are not alone. Nine out of ten American’s suffer from headaches. Estimates are that 4 out of 10 would rate their headaches as “occurring more than once a week.”

Headache pain is a large problem affecting millions of people, yet it is NOT being adequately solved by just popping an aspirin. Why? Well, if aspirin worked to fix the problem, 40% of us wouldn’t keep getting headaches all the time. Aspirin masks pain but does not fix the root cause. The underlying problem is still present even after you swallow that aspirin!

How Myopractic Helps.

In my work with headache patients, I have observed that the majority (95%) of headaches originate in the neck. Since so many people now spend their time in front of the computer, desk or TV, they are essentially spending hours in a fixed position which can increase joint irritation and muscle tension in the neck and upper back, triggering a headache. Research shows that myopractic is an effective treatment for headaches. A report released in 2001 by the Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Center in Durham, NC, found that spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate improvement and had significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of headache than a commonly prescribed medication. Myopractor’s know how tension in the spine relates to problems in other parts of the body, and we can take steps to relieve those problems.

What should you do if you or someone you know suffers headaches? Myopractic is considered an effective treatment. If headache pain has been a problem, consider seeking myopractic as a viable treatment and solution to your pain instead of temporarily masking your pain through aspirin.

Do You Need An Treatment?

If it has been some time since you’ve received a myopractic treatment, or if your symptoms have returned recently and you’ve experienced pain or discomfort for more than 48 hours, we recommend coming back in to see us. We can usually get you in immediately by calling (480)721-9433. Thanks for reading and until next month…


Jason Alston

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