What is Myopractics?

Myopractic procedures can help clients who struggle with chronic pain, mobility issues, injuries, digestive complaints, and more. The mission is simple, to help people improve their health and quality of life. Myopractics uses a soft tissue manipulation focused on regaining movement and balance, in order to restore natural function to the joints, muscles, as well as others systems in the body.
“… This is God’s work, it’s not man-made work. God created man perfect in his own image, and then breathed into him the life of motion which was the functioning of the whole body. It has to be in motion, normally balance for all the fluids in every part of the body to work as God intended it to. With the use of the table we’re able to do those things and normalize the body so that it is in the position when it’s balanced and all the fluids are flowing to each part of the body as God intended for them to…”
–Dr. William J. Huls (Father of Myopractics)

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What is Resistance Stretching?

Resistance Stretching is an eccentrically based training program that creates gains in flexibility, strength and aerobic capacity. It improves performance, recovery and creates more powerful, explosive, and core stable movements. It is a revolutionary technique that utilizes a person’s own resistance in the strengthening and elongating of muscles.

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What is Tension Releasing Exercieses?

A self-administered process to reduce stress, anxiety and tension, as well as trauma recovery.  It’s a revolutionary new technique to release deep chronic tension and restore an inner sense of peace and calm. 

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What is the Energy Connnection?

Blocked energy in the body is like static on a radio station. When there is a blockage, nothing flows right.  This could lead to physical illness, pain and even emotional blockages such as fear and depression.  The Energy Connection is a very simple process to help remove and replace the blocked energy.

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What is Foot Zoning?