Jason Business pic.If you’re looking to improve mobility, flexibility, or get rid of pain, then Jason’s your guy!  In January of 2013 he completed his certification as a Myopractitioner and has successfully impacted hundreds of lives!

He continues to build on his mastery of the body training and studying Resistance Stretching, Energy work, etc.  In the Spring of 2015 he furthered his training with Dr. David Berceli Ph, D, who is the creator of Tension/Trauma Releasing Exercises, mastering the ability to apply and teach the self-administers process for stress, anxiety, and tension reduction, as well as trauma recovery.  More recently he attended an advance resistance stretching course, in January 2017, utilizing a person’s own resistance in the strengthening and elongating of muscles to create more powerful, explosive and core stable movements.

Since June of 2016 Jason has been an integral part of the Victory Energy Wellness team not only because of the quality of his work, but because of his ability and desire to serve and meet the needs of all those around him!

“I can stand in the kitchen and cook for hours whereas before, I could only stand for 15 minutes before I had to sit on a stool.” -Susan S.
“What a great experience! I had an accident shortly before my appointment and Jason adjusted the session to address specific concerns and issues. Very friendly and knowledgeable. I can’t wait to go back again.” -Kristi K.
“Jason is kind, professional, and he’s really diligent in what he does.  He has a real spirit of excellence about his work, and he always takes the time to do his highest quality work.  If you’re thinking about visiting Jason, just don’t hesitate, go ahead and book and appointment today!”  -Rachel J.